Eggsellent is known for using drawings in their visual identity, that’s why we were eager to collaborate with them! Our task was to create menu’s illustrations that would be appropriate for both autumn and winter, while considering Eggsellent’s corporate style. When we were looking for the right illustrator, it was important that all of the characters had their own identity! Disproportionate-looking people are a part of Sonya Korshenboym’s style, that’s why she’d perfectly fit in!

Since it’s winter, people, covered in blankets, while standing in queue on the porch of the cafe became the main reference. Based on the brief, Sonya put the characters in line, which often forms at Eggsellent at weekends. We’ve tried to make their geometry soft and round, put them in scarfs, blankets and big jackets, so the characters don’t freeze outside, and the illustration has gotten extremely cozy!

It was a bit of a challenge to find a color palette for autumn and winter that would go with Eggsellent’s corporate colors. We’d tried some variations of cool and warm tones before we found the one, which is pink! Additionally to the main illustration we’ve drawn a few cute elements for the menu and reinterpreted commissioner Poach in a new uniform. 

Project’s producer Nastya Gasanova talks about her favorite characters in the illustration: «You can infinitely examine the characters and look for yourself in the line! For example, I am the character in a yellow jacket with a pink cup of coffee. The menu will be in the Eggsellent’s cafe at Mayakovskaya from November to February, so come over to see it!».