As part of the celebrations the Museum of Moscow prepared a large-scale exhibition “Vkhutemas 100. School of Avant-Garde”, which featured this institute as the beacon of creativity in modern art, design, architecture, textiles, and graphics.

We have also become part of this project. Ilya Gorev has drawn a portrait of Alexander Rodchenko for postcards, and Tim Yarzhombek created posters and stickers for the opening of the exhibition.

“I had many different ideas that went in all kinds of directions. One of them was to work with lettering in a similar way to Ostengruppe and their posters. Then I thought of creating a comic-like image where simplification would almost look absurd. I appreciate the legacy left by Vkhutemas and its impact on the world, but I’m slightly frustrated that it’s often worshiped blindly, so I decided to add a bit of sarcasm and use the conflict between tradition and innovation as the basis of that”, tells Tim Yarzhombek.

“It was a huge honor to take part in such a significant project. It was hard to navigate through all the details, but I wanted this portrait to look perfect in the end. Maybe that’s why I’m not 100% satisfied with my work at the moment”, says Ilya Gorev.