When people are careful with money, they collect useful contacts. Every citizen of a big city has a large collection of phone numbers which one can dial when he or she needs to have things done. We never want to pay extra for the work of a nail master, a hairstylist, an estate agent or a tutor and steadily share their contacts with friends and acquaintances. In case we are not very happy with the results of their work, we think that fate has dealt us a cruel blow and look up for something optimistic about changes on the Internet.

This is how it works if we speak about something that is not really important. When it comes to serious business, no one wants personal reasons to interfere with important projects, so people usually deal with agencies to be sure about the process and the deadline. It’s more expensive, but at least people can concentrate on some other things while that part of work is being done under someone else’s control.

And some people try to benefit from working with agencies and cutting back at the same time. They work on some difficult projects with agencies and come into contact with the executants when they have some easy work to do. It’s a child’s play to find an artist or a designer on the Internet. Companies have developed many ways to make the process more complicated, though. Some never mention the doers or change their names. But it’s still quite easy to make out whose work we see in magazines or portfolios.

We don’t pretend that our illustrators’ pictures are created by other people, although we never share their contacts. And we don’t want to make anyone feel ashamed of their desire to economize. All we want to speak about is the area of work.

One can get a phone number of a tutor and continue attending classes at the school where he or she studies or ask for some other useful contact and keep on dealing with the company where the person works. But the world of illustration or advertising is very small, and it’s more pleasant and effective to slave over projects when we know that a client has a high level of loyalty. For example, our illustrators are carefully selected and professionally developed by us while working together on all kind of projects. And there’s no use in explaining why many people find it better to work for an agency. And it always seems strange when someone thinks that nobody will notice the double life that the client is leading. Years of experience in communicating and dealing with different people teach us not to shit where we eat. That is how comfortable working atmosphere and good relationships with people are gained.