Users of the premium banking service are successful businessmen who create projects that change the world, so our main goal was to create illustrations that would inspire them on a daily basis.

It was decided to use a monochrome technique that would look minimalistic and self-sufficient.

The most challenging part of the project was our search for ideas. How to amuse someone who has already seen a lot? As a starting point, the client gave us 10 quotes regarding motivation, strategic thinking and perspectives. “We have thought a series of metaphors through and illustrated them in a surrealistic manner”, says the artist.

Pictures illustrate motivating quotes regarding business but not always directly. One of them reminds us that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Another one compares the search for your own way to riding the tide. Knowledge, experience and creative thinking are the key to finding balance, which can be tricky.

Gleb’s illustrations take us to another dimension where everything is possible, including space exploration and flying on the back of a giant turtle. We suppose that's how the future with unlimited possibilities should look like.  

“It was really interesting to create a whole world using only monochrome technique and fill it up with details. I am pleased with the results of this work”, says Gleb Solntsev.