Every job has its particular smell, Gianni Rodari once said. We would add that every job has its particular vocabulary. Today, we want to share with you some Bang! Bang! words that are good to know if you want to understand what the guys from the illustration sphere talk about.

Illustrator Ilya Mitroshin

Advance payment – the money you get to start working on the project. We recommend that no illustrator begins work without it.

Animatic – a simple drawn animation made mostly for adverts to present ideas. It’s cheaper but no less effective to make an animatic than to shoot a video, so advertising agencies always need animatics.

Brief – a summary of what a client needs. They say, the better the brief, the better the creative. And this is true. It’s essential that an illustrator has a detailed brief before he or she starts working on the project, otherwise he or she will end up wasting time and getting stressed out.

Doodles – funny pictures that everyone used to draw in notebooks. Illustrators still do it to boost their imagination, check the profiles of Ilya Kazakov and Valera Thewatt to see some great doodle stuff

Extra cost – a close friend of Bad Brief. The cost of the work is usually agreed on beforehand, however, if the brief is changed in the process of working on a picture, it’s okay to change the sum that the illustrator is going to be paid for the work.

Infographics – a great graphic way to present some information. Such pictures are mostly about minimalism, but one can also find some baroque style infographics.

Illustrator Maximus Chatsky

Illustrator Sergey Kostik

Iteration – a repetition of the process, most often related to edits.

Key visual – the main visual image of the campaign that works as a guideline for everything else.

Cucumbers – primitive sketches made by an art director that an illustrator uses when working on a storyboard.

Peaches – characters. 

Illustrator Maxim Kalyakin