«Ekivoki» publishing has already launched several games, but «Shtuka’s» format is completely different: «We came up with the idea for wimmelbuch-pictures. An artist creates a chaotic world full of little details, while we challenge a player to explain a certain part of that picture using words, gestures, drawings, etc. Whoever is guessing just needs to find that part of the world on the picture». 

From the beginning, it was an interesting task – all of the easter-eggs needed to be hidden within illustrations, while all of the details must remain recognizable. That is why we had criteria for choosing illustrators, like being able to make a highly-detailed world and apply their unique style to the task. As a result, this project gathered very different artists, that worked out very well together.

«I studied each playing board and examined every detail of it. So, I can say without a doubt, that not only each field has its character, but even the laws of physics work differently there. «Caution, UFO!» is very emotional; and dynamic, everyone there is running and screaming. Figuring out the «Dinner in the Middle Kingdom» is challenging, especially if you’re hungry. There is a chair on «Three in the Jungle», try and find that one! «Neon Night» is a very cool story about a paranoid in a tinfoil hat. «C-c-combo!» is all about easter eggs. I know people, who will fall in love with it at first sight. «10 Points Traffic» may seem childish from the start, but don’t underestimate It just yet. The «Great and Terrible» field gives you a chance to see the story of Ellie and her friends through the eyes of Goodwin. And when we were done making tasks for «Mechanic Fish», I looked at the board and saw even more details, that went unnoticed earlier», – says Olga Yakimuk, CEO of «Ekivoki». 

The cover of the game was even harder to make than the fields. Agency and publishing thought of all the possible solutions and decided to combine styles of Nina Terteryan, who made a very detailed and beautiful landscape, and Sergei Ratnikov, who added funny characters to it.

Here is what Olga told us about working with the agency: «I had a feeling like we speak the same language and we delegated a big responsibility to an expert. We appreciate it when a producer can tell us «no, it doesn’t work like that» and come up with a better solution. I think it is also important, that the first copy of «Shtuka» we made with our own hands. It taught us to give more specific tasks and a better understanding of the agency’s work. In Russia «Shtuka: Different Worlds» – is a sequel to a game, that is already known on the market. But with that version we truly want to expand to the worldwide market».

«Shtuka» is already on sale. Now you can make our illustrations a part of your evenings, so take your time and welcome to different worlds!