Why clients need us
We know the style of our illustrators. If there is a certain manner needed we know who is able to do the job. That’s an example. In general, we make everything easier. We have specific and available variants for any task. That is to say, they don’t have to select people, write hundreds of emails and dial countless numbers of prospective executors.

An agent is also in the know of some personal features of the artist that can’t be evident from his/her portfolio such as the temper, the speed of the work, workaholism, propensity to indolence. It enables us to tell the client beforehand about something that can be expected from the artist and reduce the cases when an illustrator lets down a customer to zero.

In case of any failures we act as an air bag. We do everything to maintain the project whatever happens. We’ll find a substitute illustrator, help or motivate a tired illustrator. Even when no force majeure happens we can stay connected on weekends if there is something new in the project that requires more people.

As managers of standing reputation we will always think over and suggest the easiest and the most effective way of running a big and complicated project.

We deal with all the dreary financial and juridical questions so that an artist won’t call you every week asking where his/her honorarium is.

At the same time we educate people. We try make clients know how illustrators work and make illustrators understand why clients do this or that thing. It’s very important.

And you can always meet great people at our parties and make friends!

Why the illustrators need us
It’s comfortable for an illustrator to work for an agency as soon as not everybody can and wants to sell one’s works. That’s the extra efforts, nerves and power. An agency is like a hub. We get many requests and sort them in order to offer a definite artist some specific work.

We have responsibilities. We are interested in the illustrators’ work, we advertise their works, we suggest taking part in exhibitions, collected illustrations and creative projects. We are very proud of our artists so we are happy to ensure their fame.

We soothe the artists. We cure depressions and protect them from the clients who behave aggressively. Here an illustrator can put his/her attitude towards the project into words. We will understand everything what a client should never know. And it often helps as we solve all the problems, the client and the illustrator treat each other with respect and sympathy. And the project is under way. That’s a great advantage, folks!

We deal with foreign illustrators and agencies and then we share experience and any godsends we get with our people.