Сhief of Bang! Bang! Studio and the producer of this project Julia Sinitsina told us about the working process, the most difficult aspects, and the emotions you get when you see the result of your work on the large screen.

Illustrator: Natasha Dzhola

Pure love towards art

This project was a pure creative process. We chose illustrators who work in trendy styles, told them about the project, and made them fall in love with it. We looked for them among the residents of the agency, our friends and the artists whom we wanted to collaborate with. I’m glad that we communicated so well, and soon there will be some new names on our website.

Illustrator: Ariadna Sysoeva

Keep calm and carry on

Making illustrations took not as much time as it could. For instance, it took about two weeks from the brief to the result. We didn’t have to hurry and could work in comfortable pace.

I briefed each illustrator, gave them technical details, a sample and a color scheme. Dima Rodionov, the art director of Bang Bang Education, looked through the sketches and commented them, so that the artists could finalize their work. We didn’t make any serious changes.

It’s not difficult to coordinate such a process, the most important thing is to give the technical task as clearly as possible.

Illustrator: Ilya Kutoboy

A few months’ work in two days

We faced some difficulties when it came to animating the illustrations, because not all of them were created in the right scale and with the right number of layers. We have spent almost 6 months on the project that could have been finished in less than a month, and as result we had to remake the animation in two days. This has reminded us how important it is for all the key members of the team to be on the same page, understand the concept of the project and be able to find a creative approach.

Illustrator: Olga Pankova

Outside the box

The videos with matryoshkas and balalaikas drawn in different techniques are kind of showreels for us. Thus, we show that we work in different styles and collaborate with illustrators who think outside the box even when it comes to a well-known object. In general, it’s a simple and a great idea to look differently at the same thing. And the simpler idea is, the more efficient it can become.

One of my favourite balalaikas is the one drawn by Sonya Korshenbaum. There is a line in one of her poems — “Russian soul requires the field”. She took the words “Russian soul” for a basis and decided to make them a part of the story, mixing it with several other symbols. She wanted to create a bold and a bit strange work, and it was a success.

Illustrator: Sonya Korshenbaum

Mindblowing experience

The coolest thing in the project was to see the illustrations on the large screen. When all the balalaikas were combined into an animated video with dynamic music, it was incredible! Absolutely mindblowing.

It’s a triumph and an experience that takes your work to the next level.

Illustrator: Ilya Gorev