Bang! Bang! Studio offers artworks, time and talents of illustrators from Russia and abroad to clients all over the world. We proudly represent and become close friends with the most outstanding artists, whose expertise is something we can vouch for. Our portfolio includes a range of in-demand illustration styles to readily satisfy the advertising and graphic arts businesses, by illustrators with strong skills and a proven track record of success.

Bang! Bang! is the place to come for storyboards, photorealistic paintings, engraving style and beautiful periodical illustrations. Moreover, we have a soft spot for unique and original talents, and do our best to make known those artists whose works look nothing like you’ve seen before.

We love what we do and willingly dedicate ourselves to building relationships with people who contribute to positive change and development in the Russian illustration market. We make careful efforts to share our knowledge, give detailed explanations and good reasons, and organize things, seeing this as an essential part of our work.

It is our passion to promote beauty, good taste and respect for intellectual property everywhere we go. We will be happy to accept your kind invitations to art shows, workshops, publishing and film industry events, and help yet another reader or spectator understand what makes a good illustration, how it’s different from the rest, what’s the price tag and why so high.

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