Я иллюстратор-зануда

Olya Morozova, July 10, 2019

Фотореализм история коммерческая: счастливые люди потребляют идеальные продукты, в общем, утопия, которой Хаксли позавидовал бы. Татьяна Васьковская, творец миров без изъянов, поговорила с нами о рабочем, вечном и любимом в иллюстрации.

Трансформируя реальность

Olya Morozova, May 28, 2019

«Обсуждать стиль иллюстратора — тоже самое, что обсуждать внешность человека» — долгим методом проб, ошибок и работы художником-гримёром Настя Варламова пришла к своей технике, чтобы двигаться по иллюстраторским дебрям дальше. Расписать стену дома, поработать с брендом, создать капсульную коллекцию и бесконечное число целей в интервью!

Third Rome: digital illustration

Olya Morozova, April 25, 2019

Let advertising and design go to hell

April 5, 2019

A lecture by Ilya Mittroshin. After watching it, you will have either to think about illustration globally, or not think at all. Everything is laid out for you in this interview.

Why do something badly if you can do nothing at all?

Olya Morozova, March 22, 2019

An interview with Ilya Kutoboy for posterity. In a short video, we managed to keep to the Pozner standard of questions, as well as to tackle the issues of inspiration, exhibitions and the source of illustration.

Less is more

Olya Morozova, February 28, 2019

"There is no illustration without a person," says Irina Kruglova. She is one of the pathbreakers to tell you about her way from being a graphic designer to becoming an illustrator, the demand and the place illustration has in branding.

The apple never falls far from the tree

Tanya Devaeva, March 24, 2015

A lot of illustrators have children. Friends are coming into the age of parenthood. Some of them change quickly and willingly, inspired by new topics, new limits and joys. Others change, but tend to back up their former selves. They all keep on drawing (some people even start it). Children grow up watching their parents working, and they seem to differ from the other kids somehow. Maybe it’s because of their parents’ good taste that catches on, or because it often happens that an artist’s child becomes an artist, too. We have asked some illustrators of different life and parenthood experience a lot of chaotic questions about their children. They all agree in opinion that a child should be given a free hand of what to do. That is to say, illustrators are not those people of indomitable will who sacrifice everything to one’s career in sport, music or ballet.