Gleb Solntsev

July 23, 2013

Once we spoke with Gleb Solntsev about life, work and inspiration. Today we invite you to his house on Bali.


August 14, 2012

Oleg Tishenkov was born in Smolensk,lived and worked in Moscow and Kaliningrad and about three years ago he and his family moved to Toronto. There he keeps on publishing his comics about philosocat that made him widely known, draw illustrations for magazines, advertising and non-commercial projects, raise his daughter and miss the sea.

To stay and think about eternity

July 5, 2012

Lesya Chernysh is a German illustrator. You can never tell by her works that she was born and bred in Soviet Ukraine. There are mostly moments of lives of imperturbable girls with full lips and languishing looks. You never know how human they are or what they live on. They eat either men with ice-cream or kittens. And of course, they do it with their eyes only. Lesya has been drawing her stories for about 5 years, and they are popular with Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Elle, La Repubblica delle Donne, Squint magazines and other clients. She has been living in Berlin since she was 19.

To draw and think

June 14, 2012

Mina Milk studied to be an economist and ended up becoming an illustrator. She likes leopards and she lives in London. Mila’s exhibitions happen in Great Britain, Russia, France and Spain. Snob magazine, UK, Lee Cooper, Kira Lao, Lazy Gramophone, Nutshell mag, Dreamerunited, Sekta are among her glients.

Multystoried America

May 3, 2012

Evgeniy Dvoretskiy was born in Tolyatti. As a child he lived in Izhevsk. Engeniy graduated from biological faculty of Ydmurtia State University but he decided to continue studying at Modern Art School rather than at genebiology institute in Moscow. Then he married a biologist and they moved to New York in 2011. Evgeniy is an illustrator and a designer. Men's Health and CEO, T-shirt store, Moleskine, Vera Wang are some of his clients.

Everything is quietly

April 4, 2012

There is no need for the introduction of Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva. She left for Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands (Peter the Great has confused everyone with calling it Holland).

It's not boring in Hamburg

March 21, 2012

Despite the trend Maxim Chatskiy and Galya Panchenko don’t live in Indonesia. They live in Hamburg, Germany. Galya studies, Maxim works, they go to exhibitions, museums and galleries and lead the cultural life as we imagine it.

Andrey Gordeev's Balinese karate

March 2, 2012

First we intended collecting material about the artists who left for different places where they live and work now. When we got the answers to the questionnaire we had sent it became clear that they are too vivid to be buried in a coomon grave of a collective interview. So now here is a new column and new columnist. Andrew Gordeev is the first one to start this conversation.