Gleb Solntsev

July 23, 2013

Once we spoke with Gleb Solntsev about life, work and inspiration. Today we invite you to his house on Bali.

How long have you been living in Bali?
It is going to be two years in September. We have come here to have some good time, enjoy the sunshine and stayed.


Do you often go somewhere else to have a rest?
There are 1700 islands in Indonesia. Sometimes I discover them – Java, Sumbawa, Lombok… But two times a year we go somewhere farther. Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur. We also want to visit Australia one day while it’s not so far.


What’s the idea of a vacation like when you live in Bali?
Many different people live here. Some of them rest all the time and the other part work and relax. That’s what we do. We have weekdays and weekends, and we have a vacation, too. When you leave for Gili air (small islands next to Lombok) you forget about everything… That’s the idea of a vacation, it’s when you don’t work and don’t care about anything.


Do you consider this place as your home or a just a sort of a shelter?
It’s our temporary home. We’d like to live in different countries, although we have attached deeply to Bali.



Have you found your house at once? How did you choose it?
It’s been a long story. We came here to our friends who had rented a house for us which was too boring. So we moved to Canggy. It’s like Beverly Hills. Expats from all over the world live here, and there are always all kinds of activities like festivals. There is Deus ex machine and plenty of nice restaurants near here. And there’s also one of the best spots for beginner surfers (Batubolong).


Is it easy to organize your work in heaven when you have jungle and a pool so close to your place?
Work becomes a core component of your schedule. I think it might be dull even here without it. So I have the same schedule as elsewhere. The difference is that you can swim or surf during the break.

Where is it easier to work — here or in Moscow?
As for me, it’s easier here. Especially now that I have goodInternet connection.


Why is your house so black and white and minimalistic?
Nutsa and I don’t like when there are too many extra things around. We used to have few of them in our apartments in Moscow, too.   


It’s strange to see so many monochrome pictures in your house. You are well-known for your colorful paintings. What are they all about, what inspires you now? 
Some of the works are not mine but Nutsa’s. Although monochrome has lately attracted me for its approach, it’s like basis developmental work. Working this way, you can concentrate on the idea. You know, art students of the Renaissance period weren’t given a lot of colors, they had to work with few of them first. And the sketches of that period really inspire me now.


Where do you usually draw?
I draw at home, on the second floor with its view of rice fields and the ocean. The clouds float, the birds sing. They sing mantras in the temple in front of our place at 6 a.m, noon and 6 p.m. That’s what my schedule’s like.


How do you have fun here? What do you do at leisure?
I have surfed a lot recently as well as ridden my motorcycle. The weather is always great here so one can do it whenever he(she) wants. And there are lots of festivities here. And a lot of friends you can always have fun with.

Has your move changed your hobbies, character or attitude towards each other and people in general? 
It has. I have never gone in for any sport but the chess. And here I surf every day. Another thing is that I have become more communicative. I practice my English. And it’s always great to get to know new people from different places.

What are you working at now? What are your plans for the nearest future?
We are making a book about Bali now with a surfer/poet Nikita Zamechovsky “Poems from nature”. And four of my works are going to be exhibited at MMMA in late November. There will also be installations and other stuff. That’s what I’m working on now.


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