A sort of a return

Sasha Starodubtseva, December 26, 2013

The year is coming to its end like a shot, and although there are so many other things to do before the New Year begins, resuming becomes the only possible form of small talk. Let’s do it until they unfollow us or do something even less pleasant! 

Bang! Bang! is going to tell you about the tendencies in the illustration’2013. What has been all the rage?



It’s not even a TOP of the year if you speak about Russia. Every other brief demands for some premium whatever-it-is. And as soon as there is no criterion of premium nowadays, you should always get the information whether the client wants more scrolls or imperial colors.

Paleh style storyboard by Katya Pitrova


Doodle is a sort of pictures we all draw when the lection or the phone talk is tiresome. This is what we all have been doing this year as doodling is considered to be nice and original.

Illustrations for LBL site by Oleg Tishenkov

Doodle video — the most popular reference of this year




The world has been smiling tenderly at the sight of Simon’s Cat since 2009. We’ve got it this year. Simon’s catlatry seems quite natural, but there’s one thing about it: what if the client asks us to Simon and to premium in the same brief?

Stas Orlov for Moscow Credit Bank

Simon's Cat — the second popular reference




That’s about men playing football. All the year we have been drawing some brutal guys, which is a good tendency. 

Illustrated football posters



Hurrah! People now get money for their author’s rights!





There is not only love and respect but lack of ideas what makes people have recourse to the art. But who cares about the reasons when one gets paid for recreating masterpieces using some logo. 

Illustrations for 100 anniversary of Black Square


Modern primitive art




Going in for sports

Everybody is busy running, swimming and making money on the Olympic Games. And, if you have ordered at least one picture this year, there have definitely been skis in it. 



The more there are cupcakes and cycle tracks in the city, the more trendy festivities we get.  It’s a great possibility for the men in the street  to relax and for us to earn money. All the posters were made in the same motley, cartoon and tangled style, to attract the attention of  modern art lovers with children. 

Festival's illustrations


Cutting out

The stands for making pictures with a hole instead of the face – so that everyone can stand behind and give the face of his/her own to the picture have been very popular lately. Their popularity is still enigmatic, and all we can do is to make another faceless Santa.


Giving birth 

It has always been popular. Everybody doed it. And it changes everyone. But take your time and don’t unfollow your friends with babies on Instagram: having children can get so inspiring for some people that they start taking wonderful pictures of sleeping babies or even making new styles in illustration.

Elena Lazutina