The New York Times favorite illustrators

Anna Filippova, January 29, 2014

Every December the main newspaper of New York sums up everything, including illustrations. NY Times pays much attention to illustration and works with hundreds of amateur and professional illustrators from all over the world. We have chosen 5 the most interesting names from the 2013 list.


Bill Bragg, UK

Bragg has recently graduated from the Royal Art Academy, and he has also finished St. Martins. Bragg is the member of Le Gun group of illustrators. This group takes part in a lot of art projects in London. Bill likes deep pencil shadows and ink inner noir, which is not always visible. That’s why his most characteristic works are the illustrations for four Kafka’s books with the personages stuck in the slow nightmare which the artist renders in his works. A graphical novel “Journey of a Stranger”  is one of his major works, impressed by the eastern Berlin. Bragg was amazed at the fact that the citizens of that part of the city couldn’t turn left from their door for three decades. The character of the novel travels to the western part of the city, getting abstracted. Aside from NY Times, Bragg works on Time, Icon, the Guardian, Le Monde, The Independent and The Sunday Times.


Eric Lambe, Belgium
 Eric is a different kind of columnist. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of French-Belgian school, which develops poetic expression and gets inspiration over and above the genre. Lambe works in an old-style rhythm which is closer to the regular life of the Renaissance artists than to the modern one. His latest book, Le Fils du Rois, Eric was drawing for 6 years with a gel ink pen only. As for the material, it took him even more to collect it from the most extraordinary sources.


Eleand Davis, USA
She is an illustrator and caricaturist from Arizona. Together with her husband she drew and published two graphical novels for children, “The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook” and “Stinky”. Although Davis mostlydraws pictures about the everyday problems of average adults. The core of her pictures is always human and commonplace. Eleand used to draw social comics, and she usually makes editorial-illustration for New Yorker, Plansponser, Lucky Peach, Business Week, The Guardian and the others. She is called one of the major discoveries in illustration in 2009 by ‘Print” magazine.


Leif Parsons, USA
Leif is the only New Yorker from the list. He has surprisingly sensible but optimistic views of  things. Thanks to his light touch and sense of humor, Parsons is a high-demand artist.


Golden Cosmos, Germany
A duet from Berlin (Doris Freigofas and Daniel Dolz, ex-members of Nepomuk art group). The main thing about working as one team for them is the discussion which reminds of a game of ping pong with hundreds of ideas, getting from one side to another. Their team work starts with a sketch and finishes with a print. All the books and prints of GC are handmade in silk screening technique. The magic is performed in the basement, where they have a manual printing machine.