A blue edging mermaid

Tanya Devaeva, September 19, 2012

There’s an innovation in making headlines: one can go on sports.ru, insert the word needed into pun generator and some odd word combination can express the idea better than one could ever do. It’s been hard to choose the headline as all of the variants do justice to the people’s obsession with mermaids. Especially the part of them that is able to draw.

What is a brainmermaidia? It’s an artist’s overwhelming desire to paint a mermaid. To take an ivory plate out of the drawer, mix the pure and tender colors, choose the best brush and to draw the most charming and captivating face, silky hair, eastern eyes and dazzling shoulders. Then add some tits, TITS! TITS!! T I T S !! and a fishtail.  

At the worst an illustrator draws endless Disney’s Ariels in the way he/she sees her.


It was not yesterday when illustrators started drawing mermaids. Some of them had no signs of brainmermaidia. The old used to depict long-haired beauties in or next to the water. Their weight, complexion or being caudate depended on the époque and the artist’s folk. Russian mermaid has two legs, by the way.

They say a tail of a fish a mermaid got from Homer’s sirens. But why has it taken root?

“A Mermaid” is a an erotically capacious plot like the classical Susanna and the elders, Virsavia and all this Old Testament stuff that enables an artist enjoy drawing and contemplating a sweet and sexy body. (Decadents paint it blue, but some just like it cold). Satiety of naked bodies make artists add some stimulant features. If it’s not the voyeurism then it can be virginity, frigidity. The accentuated upper part of a mermaid’s body, her absent lower part create the contrast unsatisfied starving. It’s a profit!

Girls like to think about themselves as mermaids, boys like to think about mermaids – so there are hundreds of pictures that transmit a parasite image.


Intellectuals respect the Mermaid for her sacrificing nature, and the Mermaid from Copenhagen has spiritual features and modest breast. But when you see a carefully depicted breast in details – you deal with the case of mermaidia that is shameful if the artist is over 16 and not Japanese.

Brainmermaidia, however, can be cured by means of irony and thinking. So that one can draw perfect mermaids after all.


In a special emergency, it’s good to recall the photo of Shiloh Pepin. That’s what people-mermaids look like. It is scary. Much more scary than moronic titted pictures.