Like hot pies

Anastasiya Selezneva, June 5, 2017

We all want to live our perfect lives in a perfect world. We want to do something intelligent and creative, put on a better self every day. A perfect world of agents differs from a real one as much as an average person’s face differs for a selfie. We are constantly looking for new talents, organizing lectures in order to make illustration in Russia great. We keep on writing articles on what we want from illustration wannabes and what it should look like. In a perfect world we get dozens of portfolios every day (and that’s what we do in reality) and sometimes we find what we really like and want to be put into work. Our managers contact an illustrator, add his portfolio to the website, which it seems to be a happy end.

Illustrator Valery Zarytovskyi


What we are actually aimed at is to give work to different talented illustrators. The demand on graphic arts is strong, they need pictures for advertising, magazines and in-house printing. In a perfect world we show the pictures of a talented illustrator we have found and start working on a new project. What we have to face in reality is that art-directors often have a Pinterest reference to the style he or she wants to be reproduced in the project. And not many of them are interested in the guys we have discoverd until they are already well-known. Following the same route in creative work leads the rather boring sameness. We can already see how many talented people try to make pictures exactly like someone famous and popular, just because it sells like hot pies. And those ones, whose cool pictures we carefully pick, sometimes have to wait for quite a long time before they start working on some project.

That is not to say we don’t have enough people to work on all sorts of things. We have illustrators who can draw like most of the popular guys on Pinterest and ones whose style is popular, so they don’t need to copy anyone’s. But we do want more. We want to give more work to the gifted people we find, make the sphere of illustration more different, more colorful. We’d like to win more trust of our associates. And we not only want it, we are working on this. When we manage to talk one art-director out of ten into trying to work with someone new we take it as a victory. So, no matter how different your works are from the popular pins, you should send them to us, and we’ll see what we can do — and we always find something.