Hand made illustrations

Tanya Devaeva, August 7, 2012

Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erlih are not the only guys we work with whouse different materials and techniques when they make illustrations.This approach to illustration is rather popular, although not somerchantable as it's considered to be by the people who have taken upcontemporary illustration.

Irma Gruenholz illustrations

It's always good for you  if you make felt pictures, crochet or paint inwatercolors, but if you want to make a living by your hobby it'snecessary to be aware of the artistic and commercial value of yourwork.

Handmade techniques became popular in 2006 when everyone startedmodeling, make paper illustrations and other things. The clients needhandmade pictures rather often, and they usually make references to thewell-known styles of the Hedgehog in the fog or Crow made of clay. Theywant time-proved prints, some Beardsley, some Bakst, but that's anotherthing.

Meredith Dittmar illustrations

We have enough illustrators now. Some of them make clay works, othersmake collages or pictures of paper and scotch tape. Some of them evenknit, but, frankly, that's not business at all. We have been searchingfor them carefully for a long time.

That is to say, you would never getwork if you felt badly or make dull stuff. Even if everything is ok butthere is someone who makes similar things, you would hardly eversucceed.

Natalia Molotkova illustrations

Most of the clients that want handmade pictures are magazines. Thesepictures are more difficult to make so they cost 20-30 percent more.This kind of work, again, demands a higher level of adequacy from aclient, a manager and an artist. The client should approve a sketch. Andthey should also agree on the colors beforehand. Because even the changeof the angle leads to complete remaking of everything.

Roma Vedenissov
ProSport art-director

It's beautiful. An artist leaveshis(her) mark on the work, and the mark is more vivid. This creates theeffect of what we call " spirituality ". I think this technique can beused under way. But there must be more confidence and understandingbetween the client and the artist than that is when a vector picture isneeded. Another thing is that an illustrator should be able to draw andnot use this approach in order to conceal his (her) lack of ability todraw.

Ingela illustrations


And now Natasha Klass and Evgeniy Dvoretsky will speak on theirsuccesfull handmade techniques.

illustrator Bang! Bang!

The first clay thing I made wasa dinosaur when I was 5 or 6 I adored diapositive films, and my favoriteone was " the lost world". Then I made plenty of clay figures. So I cansay that I've been interested in modeling since I was a child, and whenI tried to find my style I just remembered my old hobby. I like to usepolymer clay Fimo.


It takes you much time to make a picture and afteryou have baked it nothing can be changed. But I am fond of this kind ofwork, i like to see how the details enliven the picture!

Natasha Klass illustrations


Evgeniy Dvoretsky
illustrator Bang! Bang!

I started using scotch tape in illustration because Iwanted to change my profession! So I looked up all the things that werealready made in Google and tried to find my own style. That's why you'llnever find similar pictures. I haven't invented scotch tape, though. AndI am still training to become a real skilled hand at it.

Evgeniy Dvoretsky illustrations