Black black heart

Nastya Selezneva, February 10, 2017

В черном-черном городе черными ночами
Неотложки черные с черными врачами…

In the photos of us you can always see many people in black having a good time. You can also see them in our office. And it seems like more and more people are choosing black color as the only one possible, as if it is literally absorbing the other ones.

The symbol of the death for the world, black color remains one of the most popular in our times. Back in the 18thcentury, Goethe mentioned that the color influences our mental state. Wassily Kandinsky in his book “Spiritual in art” describes the black color as nothing, like something dead, some eternal silence with no hope or future. On the other side, the rest of the colors seem stronger and more expressive against it.

Illustration by Ilya Kazakov

Cracker-barrel psychologists are eager to diagnose a depression when they see that a person prefers black to any other color. Some friends may suspect people who like black of the desire to disguise some extra kilos and the waiters consider black parties to be some funny funeral or a gothic meeting. It seems like we have been playing with the darkness for so long that it has soaked up everyone.

Illustration by Ilya Kazakov


Black guys explain their predilection for the chosen color by the unwanted visual noise around. We can escape from hearing nonsense or attending not the most pleasant places. After some days one wants to get into a soulwashing machine to wash the dirt away.

But all we have to block the data flow from the surrounding medium is wine and full colors. In order to protect ourselves we develop banner blindness and dip into minimalism. And we wrap up ourselves in the color which means death for the outer world to give the other ones possibility to sound stronger and more powerful, right in the way Kandinsky had described.