Andrey Gordeev's Balinese karate

March 2, 2012

First we intended collecting material about the artists who left for different places where they live and work now. When we got the answers to the questionnaire we had sent it became clear that they are too vivid to be buried in a coomon grave of a collective interview. So now here is a new column and new columnist. Andrew Gordeev is the first one to start this conversation.

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Andrew Gordeev was born in Khabarovsk. He has lived in Thailand, Khabarovsk and St.Petersburg. Now Andrew is living in Indonesia.He specializes in advertising illustration and works on many agencies all over the world. Some of his projects have lately been awarded a prize at several advertising festivals in Cannes, New York, London, Grmany, Spain and Russia.

How did you get here?
I am here now because I want to enjoy life. Last year I lived in Thailand and now I am in Bali living in datcha style. It’s a tropical town in an hour of driving from the sea. I don’t want to work hard for the time being. I want to relax, take care of myself. In my town everybody is mad about healthy lifestyle; I mean yoga, vegetarianism, raw food diet, herbal enema and that sort of stuff. I haven’t tried an enema yet, but I like all the other things.

What is particular about this place?
The climate is one of the main reasons why I left for Asia. It’s warm here, I have a big house, eat plenty of different fruit and feel delight. However, I love Russia. I am always happy when my clever and beautiful wife is around.

Do you work with the local or Russian employers?
I haven’t tried working with the local customers except when I did it for fun. I usually have many job offers, even more than I can do. So I try to take the most interesting ones, I want to draw everything. The correlation of foreign and Russian clients is about 70 percent to the foreigners.

Is there a difference between them in the methods of approach to the organization? Are the requirements to the illustrator the same? What companies pay more?
Now I am drawing many pictures for the Coca Cola advertising campaign in Brazil. It’s not so much money and sometimes they try to make me draw more than we have agreed to so there is no definite answer to this question. And a Spanish agency has neither paid my honorarium nor sent me the task for the next project. That is to say, there is no garden without its weeds. And I can say that Russian illustrator agencies catch up with the backlog both in the honorarium size and in the standard of art-directing.

Where is it better and more interesting to live?
Life is no doubt more interesting in a megapolis, but for me it’s better in some nice and cosy place. The period when all I needed were parties, women, fame and wine is over now. But it’s still necessary for me to visit art galleries and buy gadgets from Applestore. All the rest tend to be either boring or available on the Internet.

Do you communicate with other illustrators and designers here or do you live in isolation?
Bali is a small island, but it gave us Gleb Solntsev, a wonderful artist who lives not far from us. We will ride our bikes across the island one day, won’t we?


Does the local culture influence your style? Do you participate in any projects?
Asia definitely has an impact on my ideology and my style. Here I understood that the happiness is inside. I have become a yogi and a vegetarian, my pictures have become brighter.

Do you ever go to Russia? Are you going to come back or move to another place?
I am not sure that I want to live in any other place. No matter where I am I mostly deal with fellow countrymen and speak Russian. But there are many ideas for tours: I want to visit South America and my wife wants to go to Japan.

What do you miss sometimes if there are such things?
I miss my mum and dad. And sometimes I miss snow, but in this case the swimming pool next to my house usually helps.