Varya Alyay's apartment

April 18, 2012

Varya Alyay’s apartment is like both Varya Alyay’s museum and her world of artistic illustration. Varya, her son Larick and a pure-blooded dog Bobick live there. There are also different dolls, old and new toys, unusual tableware, pictures and furniture. And plenty of ruddy red things.


You are definitely a fan of red color.
Although the apartment is full of red stuff, I can’t remember any of them now.


Who brings it here?
I bring all these things from abroad.


Tell us about your creative family background.
My great grandmother was Voloshin’s student. One of the watercolours on the wall has a dedication to dear Susannochka. My grandmother and my grandfather had been living in this apartment since the house was built.


Tell us how you work. You just sit in your red armchair next to your dog…
That’s it. Both Larick and Bobick divert me from the work, but I manage to do everything.


Do you cultivate love for art in your child?
My mother (Ekaterina Silina, a book illustrator) draws with him and I take him to the museums. We’ve lately gone to Petrushevskaya’s concert and Larick is very impressed by it. And he’s drawn Peter the Piglet quite consciously.


What are you doing nowadays?
I’ve just finished “The Red Hat” for i-Pad. Feel free to download it.


What’s your working day like?
They’re always different.


I beg you for the recipe for these cookies (yummy yummy!)
Shame on me, I buy the puff pastry)


Varya Alyay's portfolio