Sence essence

Liza Podymskaya, April 8, 2021

Illustrations for SberFirst online app

Liza Podymskaya, April 1, 2021

This is the second pack of illustrations we have made for SberBank. The first one was drawn by 15 illustrators and represented their vision of life in 2041. These 10 illustrations are drawn by Gleb Solntsev for an app used by VIP clients.

Design signs for business

Liza Podymskaya, March 5, 2021

Beauty as art

Liza Podymskaya, February 19, 2021

Comic book phenomenon

Liza Podymskaya, February 11, 2021

270 portraits for the Polytechnic Museum

Liza Podymskaya, Alina Koffman, February 5, 2021

Go where it's scary

Liza Podymskaya, January 22, 2021