About lettering

Nastya Golovicheva, July 14, 2020

About storyboard

Nastya Golovicheva, June 18, 2020

We decided to recall common truths about storyboards.
In the cards, of course!


Nastya Golovicheva, June 18, 2020

About engraving

Nastya Golovicheva, June 18, 2020

We tell in the cards about a small but proud style of illustration - engraving!

About characters

Nastya Golovicheva, June 18, 2020

Prepared a new portion of cards, at gunpoint - the characters! The direction in the illustration is so universal that you can write a three-volume book without specifics. We will touch on the main thing - benefit.

About photorealism

Nastya Golovicheva, June 17, 2020

We made cards about everyone’s favorite style!
We remind you that the photorealism league includes:
• 3D illustrations;
• photorealistic storyboards or animatics, which we will talk about separately;
• any pictures that are as close as possible to reality.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Julia Sinitsina, January 12, 2020

Перед новогодним застольем успели заскочить в гости в самый киношный город мира — Лос-Анджелес! Андрей Тарусов провел нам туристическую экскурсию по лофту, рассказал о встречах с кумирами и набросал планы на будущее.