Ilustrations for Zaryadie park

Illustrations for Magistral

Illustrations for Adidas

A series of illustrations for a new Adidas campaign. Six illustrators have drawn portraits of the girls who work out and work on their lives to make them better on a daily basis, just like most of us.

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Illustrations for Mosgortrans

Our illustrators Katya Pitrova and Katya Zagrebina have made picures of all the route terminals for a new ground transport route network.

Illustrations for wine labels

Game of thrones for Megafon

Illustrations for Sberbank

Illustrations for McCann Erickson by Sergey Kostik. All money is ok on one phone account.

Illustrations for Baltika beer

Alexey Kurbatov created illustrations for "Baltica" beer inspired by the Russians who managed to succeed in their work and win international recognition. Mihail Zelman, Nikolay Moiseyev, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Artem Oganov, Anton Joukhnovets — all these people from differnet spheres look well together in a series of stories ordered by Star Richars.

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Victor Platonov for Alpina Publisher

Victor Platonov has created delicious and provocative pictures for "Alpina Publisher" publishing house. Chicken, fish and desserts have inhabited the cookery book "One's own chef". There are 49 delicious illustrations and even more recipes! Don't watch before lunchtime! These pictures can cause an extra bar of chocolate, a sandwich or a supplementary lunch break. 

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The new illustrator Valety Zaritovsky

Valety Zaritovsky can easily tame walruses, aliens and other predators. Those are his lovely pictures of office apocalypse, tender blondes, friends from outer space and other premonitions.