Books about the beautiful and the middling

There is one book published by Taschen sold every three seconds. This striking statistics, however, could be made up in the same publishing house. Benedict Taschen, the founder of the publishing house with the same name, is well-known for his love of odious behavior and incredible rumors. Anyway, he turned his passion into a book empire, and made coffee table books accessible to those who aren’t used to spending more than 10 dollars on books.

Poster for Beat Film Festival

Gabriel Moreno for BBDO


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On a summer day in 1862 Charles Dodgson, a professor of mathematics in Oxford University was rowing his colleague’s daughters across the river. In order to amuse the girls, he made up a story about a girl called Alice, and we all know what happened after that. Let’s focus on illustrations. For 150 years since its first edition, the adventures of Alice have become not only one of the main books for children, but an obsession for painters. Hundreds of artists have created their own interpretations of the crazy universe of Lewis Carroll.

1000 Watt

We came by Tanya Vaskovskaya, an illustrator, to look round her house and examine her working place. We have found out that sunlight and coffee machine keep her energy bar full, street traffic, the walls of her room inspire her and the coworkers (Varya, Tanya’s daughter and Lynx, a Kurilian Bobtail) make it all better.

Gordeev's masterclass

Mikhail Vyrcev


Natasha Metlukh for La Repubblica newspaper


Olga Savina, Katya Zagrebina for Saatchi&Saatchi