Sergey Kostik for McCann Erickson, Sberbank

It's time to post New Year pictures and keep an active lifestyle!


Illustrations for animal book


Watching raccoons is a safe way to get into a better mood. Just try it!

Ilya Kutoboy for Stars Richars, McDonalds

A picture that one can examine or use as a pictorial rendition of unofficial national symbols.


Stas Orlov for Instinct

Maxim Kalyakin for

The time has come when supermen get a full-time job and help people online.


Dmitry Korotchenko for Harvard Business Review magazine


Nothing personal

“The customer is always right” – this is the motto of the consumption society, which seems to be somewhat pleasant when you don’t have to pay for something you have just broken in the shop, but turns out to be a torture when you are the one who provides service. We find it difficult to mention the things we don’t draw here. Animation, storyboards, postcards, book covers, magazines, posters are carefully created by our illustrators. And the most difficult part of work is the leat predictable one: sometimes the toughest thing to do is to make the client agree the picture. In case of a detailed task given beforehand no problems occur, it all begins when a customer has an obscure view of what he or she wants to get.

Storyboard and animation

Stas Orlov




Evgeny Tonkonogy for Mann, Ivanov&Ferber

Far back in the Middle Ages jugglery was considered to be a sort of witchcraft. Even now it seems magic how people manage to do so many things at the same time.


Victor Platonov for Propaganda Ogilvy