Evgeny Kazantsev for HAVAS


Ruslan Baranauskas for Saatchi&Saatchi, Raiffaisen

The cutest penguin we've ever seen!


Tatiana Vaskovskaya for LBL


Only the fittest and the godliest beans can get into this jar.


Evgeny Kazantsev for Milk

The Luncheon on the Grass in the way Russians like it.


Glossy pictures

This issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine was very special for even those of us who is not interested in glossy magazines. We had been working on it for two months before it came out in April. It is a jubilee issue, which is full of pictures from all over the world, and we are very glad that we’ve worked on it together with five illustrators from the agency. That’s why we have decided not only to share the pictures with you, but also to share the impressions and emotions of those who took part in the process.

Illustrations for Harper's Bazaar magazine

Our illustrators create a lot of beautiful pictures for russian Harper's Bazaar.


Ilya Kutoboy



World Chess

Sergey Kostik for Mail.ru

We can almost hear the sounds of popular computer games of the 90s made by the team of deer, but no enemy will get the gifts from the cart. A great pixel Christmas present for Mail.ru staff members.


Anna Gorlach for Kaspersky

All the monsters and other scoundrels consider the period of New Year holidays to be the best time for their dark business. But it always turns out to be quite another story!