Natasha Metlukh for Vokrug sveta magazine

Margarita travelling without The Master.


Galya Panchenko for Mann, Ivanov&Ferber

Pigeon post.


Cool staff for Megafon

Wes Anderson and his fairy tales

Illustrator — is a person who tells his or her stories by pictures. Not only can a draftsman be an illustrator, but for example, a film director, a screenwriter or even a stylist. Wes Anderson simultaneously combines all those mentioned professions. The universe created by him in his eight full length feature films and a few advertising clips similar to multistory toy house where all his characters live in a specific manner. On the eve of general release of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” directed by Anderson we have tried to take a look at his filmography and formulate why he is thought to be an illustrator.

New illustrator Gordeeva Eli

Dmitry Ligay for PROsport magazine

Ice skater soda.


Tatiana Vaskovskaya for Women's Health magazine


Andrey Tarusov for FIRMA

Nikita Veprikov for FK Lokomotiv

Lokomotiv FC cutaway.


Antonina Alexandrova for Mann, Ivanov&Ferber

My husband is an alien.