Ancient Russian art became interesting for everyone in early 19th century. The interest in it was more archaeological than artistic, though. There was no understanding of its aesthetic value, that’s why the early imitators of this style made rather perfunctory things. Only at the end of the century the artists managed to feel that old style.

Air Layer for McCann Erickson


New kalligraf Tanya Cherkiz

Stas Orlov, Katya Zagrebina for FIRMA


The Berlin agency Gestalten is the very designer. Watching the effect their books produce on the people who deal with art and design, you can hardly believe that the company was established in 1995, and sp far it has published more than 500 books on design, illustration, architecture, typography, photography and modern art.

Olga Degtiareva for Vokrug sveta magazine

What will become of us?


Sauvetage des falling

Many people are in horror of flying, which seems to be quite natural. Up to 50 people feel anxious when they get on board. When pretty stewardesses start miming, their anxiety develops into panic. Aerophobia attains its zenith on the Earth, when one gets a safety instruction, which may be a straw to catch, an art object to collect or an example of style in illustration.

Igor Kuprin for Mann, Ivanov&Ferber



Mikhail Vyrcev for Conde Nast Traveller

Yalta, waterlcolor, normcore.


New illustrator Asya Lyubimova