Jeka Lubaev


Oleg Tischenkov


Dasha Rychkova for Mann, Ivanov&Ferber

Dasha Rychkova has drawn a cover for a book about writers' work.


Tatiana Vaskovskaya for Burjui

That awkward moment when you try counting sheep being jobless.


Tatiana Soynikova for Instinct

Antonina Alexandrova for Alpina Publisher

Buddy Christ blesses, forgives and wins over any audience. Such a guy-next-door is a good example of a great advertising campaign from a great movie. 


Illustrations for Baltika beer

Alexey Kurbatov created illustrations for "Baltica" beer inspired by the Russians who managed to succeed in their work and win international recognition. Mihail Zelman, Nikolay Moiseyev, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Artem Oganov, Anton Joukhnovets — all these people from differnet spheres look well together in a series of stories ordered by Star Richars.

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The point of reference

It's a question of prestige for an illustrator to contribute to professional digests. We don't know exactly how it works, but if you have an illustrated book with your works that you can show, your client becomes more attentive and agreeable. It's also a great way to feed your professional ego. In short, it’s worth collaborating!

The new illustrator Nikita Solovyov

Enjoy his tender portraits of senators and guys next door. Portfolio.

Alexander Smetanka for Stars Richars

Retouch of famous pictures for charitable project.


Victor Platonov for Alpina Publisher

Victor Platonov has created delicious and provocative pictures for "Alpina Publisher" publishing house. Chicken, fish and desserts have inhabited the cookery book "One's own chef". There are 49 delicious illustrations and even more recipes! Don't watch before lunchtime! These pictures can cause an extra bar of chocolate, a sandwich or a supplementary lunch break. 

There are more illustrations here.